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Learning How To Market and Grow My Business

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Learning and Working

Back in October I started a course that I believed would give me a better understanding of digital marketing, as well as improve my knowledge of the marketing industry. I thought I would be able to share my learnings with my clients and in turn I would be able to understand how to better market my business. Well, how wrong was I!!

Ruth Gilbey’s Digital Success course has rocked my world. It has been so much more than I could ever have imagined. It did tick all of the above boxes, but it also far exceeded my expectations! It’s a blend of marketing strategy, business coaching, peer support and learning how to implement business growth. I have finished my three months training with a business plan, big, new, achievable goals, fresh ideas, exciting new skills, strategies to grow my business, confidence to choose who I work for, the belief I can build a successful business that I will love and be passionate about, and new friendships with women in a similar position to me.

How The Training Programme Works

The course is broken down into weekly modules and has a mix of recorded lessons, written modules, exercises and practical tasks. The best bits are the weekly live lessons (held over lunch to minimise disruption to your working day) and the weekly group coaching sessions (again over lunch) where you discuss with your peer group any challenges or business decisions you have, or you can seek Ruth’s expert opinion on any topics like business start-ups, growth or scaling. She is a fountain of knowledge, and if she can’t answer your question on the spot then she will get back to you in the valuable private support Facebook Group. There is even the occasional bonus guest Masterclass thrown in!

You even have access to the course on your mobile

I really value flexible, remote working as it fits in perfectly with my family and lifestyle. I work in virtual business support, enabling others to scale up their businesses. My specialities include helping to increase productivity, managing smart systems and processes, providing a solution to there not being enough hours in the day - basically being a Business Support Wing Woman!

However, working for myself was a new adventure and I felt a little out of my depth; more than anything I needed direction. There was so much I had to learn quickly whilst still searching for clients, new things like data protection, invoicing, accounting, networking, marketing myself and finding my niche. Ruth’s amazing course covers everything that you need, whether you are a new business owner or someone who is looking to scale-up or shake-up their business strategy.

From writing a business plan to nailing your ideal client, focusing on achievable goals, building a website, email marketing, lead magnets, outsourcing, tools to work smart, sales funnels, telling your story, personal branding, content marketing … I could go on and on. This course is dynamite!

My Takeaways

During my three months training I have become a business owner rather than a freelancer. I have started working with two new clients - from actions I took as a direct result of the course training. I have turned down work from three potential clients because they didn’t match the niche market I want to work in (which is female entrepreneurs and/or the digital course industry), I have grand plans for finding a bigger audience, I have solid ideas for a second income stream, I am committed to creating content that my audience will be interested in and will find useful, and I know how valuable I am!

This course has had me move well out of my comfort zone

whilst feeling fully supported by Ruth and my peer group.

I am ending 2019 on a high and I am really excited to see what I can achieve in 2020. I know that it’s going to be hard work - but it will also be incredibly rewarding. I plan to focus on the fun parts of my skill set that give me the biggest thrill. I intend to take the next giant leap to scale up. I will continue to have Fridays off and most of all I will only work with people I enjoy working with - after all my boss has told me I am fantastic at what I do and deserve the very best!

You can take a look at Ruth’s course here - and if you want to have a more detailed chat then please drop me a direct message. This is an affiliate link, which means I will receive a commission only if you purchase through this link. I only recommend things that I truly believe in and have personally experienced, and I can not recommend the Digital Success programme highly enough. Go take a look !

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