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Reviews and Recommendations

I love the way I tell you something once and you understand! You have grasped what I need to make a difference really quickly and have no hesitation in firmly telling me what will help! You ooze confidence and that gives me confidence ....!

Sue Tappenden - Coach & Speaker

Sarah is brilliant at Social Media - implementing detailed campaigns that really hit the mark. She is extremely diligent and will put 150% into her work. Full marks for trying to get me into the world of social media, if anyone can get me there Sarah can!

Working with Sarah was an utter relief and a complete joy. She was like my wing-woman, my support vehicle, the hamster that kept the wheels of my business turning. She took on the tasks that I didn’t enjoy, completely streamlined my inbox and sorted my social media when I didn’t have time. She basically overhauled all the back-office organisation of my business and now I have systems, templates AND I know where everything is!!

Mel Eilers - Facebook Ads & Chatbot Strategist

Nancy Brownlie - Marketing Comms Manager

I desperately needed some eyes on all the organisational and process aspects to my business. I really like the accountability and weekly targets of deliverables between us. I also love to pick up your best advice on how to make things work. Spending time each week thinking and talking about my business is extremely useful. You bring clarity to what needs doing next...  a step by step build.

Fiona Beckett - Truly Social 

I needed help improving my productivity and organising my business. The Power Pack session has been invaluable. I have a clear and achievable action plan that I am really keen to implement. Thanks to you I am feeling less overwhelmed, I have a greater knowledge of the systems and processes I can put in place (not only with the areas I was struggling with but others too) and I have a go- to resource for productivity questions!

Gopika Shah - Berry Social

Sarah is a highly motivated, thorough and intuitive with incredible interpersonal skills.Her work ethic and detective-like attention to detail are second to none. Her positive attitude and methodical approach make her a work power house and she is very happy working well outside her comfort zone, learning new tools and skills at every opportunity.

Annika Eade - Digital Marketing Freelancer

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