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Online Business Management


from £720

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We work as a team. I support you with the management of your business. From onboarding clients to automating your digital marketing. I help you grow your business and expand your team.  A minimum of 3 hours a week (12 hours a month).

We have weekly catch-ups via Zoom or Slack (fab and easy Comms software). I give you a round up each week of the progress I've made. 

What's included

  • A discovery call to see how I can help and if we are a good fit. 

  • A pre-call questionnaire to help us both prepare.

  • 60 min Strategy Call with me where we look at what things I can take off your plate, the regular tasks which you can off-load and the jobs you are finding a struggle. 

  • A rolling task list which we both contribute to, where we can prioritise work and share updates (this may be in a project management tool or something more simple like a spreadsheet.

  • Weekly catch ups with a 15 min Zoom call (optional).

  • Monthly Zoom calls where we look at the progress we’ve made and plan for the next month. 

  • Comms using Slack to keep each other in the loop and keep me out of filling up your inbox. 

  • Accountability! One of the biggest plus points of hiring an Online Business Manager is that you’ll move through your task list because I’m there to help, bounce ideas off and keep you focused!

  • A weekly update of what I’m working on and completed.

Online Business Management perfect for:

Online Business Management monthly retainers are perfect for you if:​​

  • You are looking for a wing woman to help grow you business.

  • Have too many jobs on your to-do list and not enough time or energy to deliver to your customers and build a bigger client base.

  • Are overwhelmed with the decision making and responsibilities that come with expanding your business.

  • Have big plans to grow and want everything in place ready to outsource and build a team. 

  • Need help launching a product, training programme or service. 

  • Want to get some hours back to focus on your business development, learning or family. 


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