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Power Pack Hour

60 ultra focused minutes with Sarah!

Book in a Power Pack Hour with me and we will spend 60 minutes on what's challenging you with moving your business forward.


Is your business keeping you awake at night? Are you confused by all the available digital tools? Do you need to automate but you have no idea where to start?


If you dream of having an onboarding system in place, a content marketing schedule, an empty inbox, everything filed in the right place where you can find it at the click of a button, then it's time to book a Power Packed Hour with me!

What's included?

Included in your 60 minute Power Pack:

  • A short pre-call questionnaire to help us both prepare

  • 60 min Zoom call with me where we focus on resolving 1-2 things that are holding you back from moving forward with your business. 

  • A recording of the Zoom call, this is so useful for watching/listening back to and making notes.

  • Any relevant resources I have which will help you.

A  Power Pack Hour is perfect if...

You need help with one or two of the following:

  • An empty inbox and an organised filing system. 

  • Creating a work timetable so you can stay focused and productive. 

  • Advice on digital tools to help with project management, onboarding clients, automating your business processes.

  • Creating templates and checklists to speed up lead gen, sales, onboarding and feedback.

  • How to design and use Google Forms for questionnaires and capturing feedback.

  • Using Canva for designing branded case studies, social media templates, slide decks and proposals.

  • How to outsource work, implement team Comms, prepare for a VA and what to prioritise. 

  • Which tools to use for scheduling social media content, building an email list or starting a project management tool.

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