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 About me

Hello there,

My name is Sarah and Organising is my 


I help female entrepreneurs and freelancers who run online businesses to scale without the overwhelm. Streamlining workflows, automating processes and writing your instruction manual so that as you build your team everyone is on the same page, doing things just as you like them.


I work with you to see the bigger picture, find the digital tools that suit your work style and create an actionable task list to smoothly move your business to the next level - removing the pressure to do all the things at once! Women come to me for power hours, nurture packages and block plans.


We start off with a coffee over zoom, discuss what’s keeping you awake at night, work on what you find confusing, complicated or stressful and then come up with a plan to tackle it. I either leave you with an achievable task list and any resources I have that can help - or I work through your to-do list with you.


And there's more...

I’m mum to four (grown-up kids) and wife to one husband! I grew up on a farm and my family run a garden centre. Parents, brothers and sister all involved. When the children were smaller I worked in the office looking after the books, invoices, payroll, staff rota, suppliers, marketing, customer services and a bit of front-of-house (on the tills!) thrown in.


Bringing up a large family and running a busy household means I have to be super organised and efficient with my time. I’ve always worked smart. I want to make things quick, simple and easy to do - leaving plenty of time for fun and doing the things I want to do!


We love adventure

We love to travel (having backpacked around the world). Exploring new places, immersing ourselves in new cultures and enjoying the world around us as much as our budget has allowed. We have continued our love for adventure whilst bringing up the family. This meant numerous lists, being clever with our travel plans (from petrol vouchers to tesco coupons, to airmiles)….. travelling as a six can be expensive but we managed to make it work by being resourceful. 


Backpacking to Europe with two pushchairs and one large backpack was a massive achievement. Getting stuck in Barcelona when the Icelandic ash cloud came down was an adventure. Driving through the night to the Alps and skiing for a week with four kids aged 1-9 was utterly exhausting (we don’t always get it right!). Camping, sailing and road-tripping - we have done it all. And still have so much more to see!


Meet Margot!

When I’m not working with my wonderful clients you can find me with Margot! Margot is a new addition to our family. We have been dreaming about owning a motorhome for a number of years now, and last autumn we were lucky enough to come across Margot. Sadly there’s not been too much travelling… but soon we will be away, pottering across the country finding new places and making new friends. Our aim is to work from Margot as we explore the country! You can even see what we are up to by checking out @FordesOnTour on Instagram. 


And finally… a couple of other things you might want to know - My eyes don’t work properly in the morning until I’ve had coffee. I’m a little bit addicted to podcasts. I love binge-watching box sets and lemon meringue pie. I can’t read a map if my life depended on it. 


If you feel lost and confused about how to get your business to the next level then I would love to help. If you are looking for a power packed hour with me or a nurture package (3 x power packed hours) you can book these by emailing me at If you want to book a block plan with me but would like a 20 minute discovery call beforehand then take a look at my Work With Me page for more info. 


If your business isn’t lighting you up anymore because moving forward means even more decisions, responsibilities and new skills to learn let me support you. We will come up with a doable action plan which you’ll feel confident implementing. I will save you time, money and stress AND make taking your business to the next level a breeze. 


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