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A Small Business Owners Christmas Wishlist

A Small Business Owners Christmas Wishlist

Apart from an extra hour a day and all invoices paid on receipt what would be on your business Christmas Wishlist?

Many of you are solo business owners, entrepreneurs and small business owners. You’re online businesses that offer a mix of services and products. Many of you are juggling growing a business with running a busy household.

Sooooo…. What would you and your business really like for Christmas? Well, I actually have a ‘Business Treats’ money pot in my bank account. (Starling allows you to create spaces within your bank account to save money for different things. I have spaces for tax, personal development, accountancy fees, motorhome accessories and business treats!) It’s where I can use the money to treat myself and my business to something that I wouldn’t see as a ‘Must Have’, more of a ‘Would Really Like’! Hahaha.

As business owners there are some wonderful treats that we wouldn’t necessarily buy for ourselves, but they would be lovely to have. I thought it would be useful to share my favourites with you as there might be some ideas which you can put on your Business Christmas Wishlist!


For fun and for focus! I subscribe to Audible so I can keep up with the latest ‘must-read’ whilst grabbing some fresh air on a daily walk or running errands. I've just finished They Ask, You Answer by Marcus Sheridan, and loved it. If you haven't read it I would thoroughly recommend you give it a go. It's a must for any business owner.

To help me with my focus and time management I recommend BrainFM - it’s functional music using cutting edge neuroscience which really helps you fall into a productivity zone. Increasing your efficiency no end!


Now who doesn’t love a bit of stationery!? I am old-school and still like to write things down. I list my weekly and long term goals and even write a little note of what I am grateful for. My favourite notebooks are from Papier. You have the option of personalising them. You can have softback or hardback, lined, blank or bulleted. The designs are beautiful and they are perfect for gifts.


You have got to keep your fluids up! Working from home means that we aren’t always the best at staying on top of our water intake. Chillys do the most gorgeous bottles, all sizes and colours. They keep cold water cold and hot drinks hot! A great investment to keep by your desk, in your car or with you as you exercise.


I’m not talking about a five-foot, three-legged, twisty-turning thingy for your camera. I’m talking about something for your phone. Something you can throw in your rucksack and use for selfies and Lives. There are plenty to choose from and they are reasonably priced - here is one I found on Amazon - Jumkeet. Easy to use and manipulate, it allows your phone to sit in any position and makes recording and taking photos much easier.


I love my pouch (It's actually a make up bag in disguise!). Perfect for storing my battery pack, earphones, charging cables, pens and paracetamol. Easy to stuff everything in. Fits neatly in your work bag, Nice to look at and essential for a quick tidy-up! Here’s a link to one similar to mine. You can even get it personalised.


I’m a real coffee addict. So having my favourite mug, travel cup, coffee pods, coffee stickers etc just makes me happy! Here’s a link to my most favourite morning mug (you’ll see it featured on my website! Thanks to the fab Shoot Your Brand service from Susan Truseler.


A practical and personal treat. Protecting your phone or laptop whilst adding a splash of colour and personality! I wouldn’t be without my phone cover. I am sure it saved my mobile from breaking hundreds of times! Blanc Space have so many to choose from - and some fab personalised ones. Take a look here.


So this is where I get a bit more practical. I’m talking about a portable back support, a laptop desk tilter (I can’t work without one) or a favourite Neom candle. All the things that make my desk optimised for productivity and efficiency!


I love a short course. Something to continue my personal development, improve my knowledge or bring out my creativity. I’m a sucker for a Canva resource or an Instagram product. Have a google for a course on your favourite pastime or something that can complement your business growth (Here’s a big shout out to the excellent value MINI TRAINING COURE I've created - GMAIL GENIUS).


I love something that will help me set goals, see the bigger picture and give me the confidence to power on forward with my business. A favourite is Denise Duffield-Thomas’s Chilpreneur, or there’s Gay Hendricks The Big Leap.

So there you go! A Christmas Wishlist for your business! DM my on Instagram if you have any other ideas. I would love to know your business gift list. 😊

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