You’re Not In This Alone

For all business owners the developments over the last week or so have been unprecedented. We don’t know what is ahead. We do know that things are going to get tougher over the next few weeks…. months. We may feel anxious and scared of what is ahead but there is one thing we must not forget - and that is that we are ALL in this together.

Please don’t feel you are in this alone. Look around you for support, clarity and reassurance. It’s there - just choose carefully where to spend your time. It’s vitally important that you find a balance of being informed but not overwhelmed.

As we navigate our businesses through these troubled times here are some suggestions of how to ensure you don’t feel isolated whilst self-isolating.

Facebook Groups

We all have our favourites, and if you are anything like me, you probably belong to many that you don’t have time to check in on. Review your Facebook Groups. Check in on the active ones and those who are offering excellent business advice and support. My Go-To Groups are DITFKs, Freelance Heroes, and a couple of membership sites like Digital Success and Mama Tribe.

Take Advantage of Special Offers

If there is one thing that a crisis brings, it’s community. And with the spread of Covid-19 pushing us to the point of lockdown we are seeing businesses who offer digital products going above and beyond to support the work-from-home newbies. Offers and discounts I have seen over the last few days include:

  • Adobe Creative 2 months free subscription

  • Ruth Kudzi coaching 1 month membership for £1

  • Danielle Bayes Video Undifficulted - Tik Tok free course

  • LinkedIn free courses

Look for Podcast Inspiration

Head over to the podcast app and search for podcasts relevant to your industry. The chances are there will be new episodes addressing the issues and concerns you and your business may have. I have found Amy Porterfield’s podcast really helpful over the last couple of days.

Turn to your Mentors

Whether they are Influencers or Thought Leaders in your business space or someone you connect with from an entrepreneur or mindset level, take a look at their social media platforms or website and see what wise words, blogs or videos they have posted to help us pull together as a community and adjust to the new normal.

Fresh Air and Exercise

Whilst we are still able to move about outside and exercise (be it only once a day) make the most of it. Taking social-distancing precautions, put your trainers on and walk! Clear your head, look around and find the glorious signs of spring. Nature is pushing on with Spring and it would be sad not to enjoy the beauty around us.

Zoom Chat

Seeing a familiar face makes ALL the difference. Arrange a virtual coffee with a friend or gather a bunch of people from your network for a catch-up. Use a video conferencing tool like Zoom. Discuss the things you are worried about and help each other brainstorm solutions to the hurdles we are now facing. Connecting with those who you would normally see as part of your working community will help give you some sort of normality to your working week. Even better - arrange a Zoom call with the family and friends who bring you most joy. It’s bound to make you feel better!

Family Forde catching up on Zoom

Wishing you the best health and stay safe.


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