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You Are My Hero!

You Are My Hero!

This made my day! A lovely client (who probably works a little too hard) sent me this message in an email this week and I’ve been grinning ever since. My mission is to help more women find a better balance between work and home whilst growing a successful business. This week I feel my mission has been accomplished!

I love the clients I work for. All women, all mums, all building thriving online businesses. This isn’t intentional, I just think I gravitate towards business owners who have had the same experiences as me. I know their stresses, the dilemmas that play on their minds, the decisions they have to make and the juggle of spinning multiple plates!

I look at all the different ways I help these fantastic, focussed, strong women. I’m there as a bouncing board, an encyclopedia for digital tools, I can advise on systems and processes or time-saving hacks. I ask them to share the difficult jobs with me; the ones that take too much time, too much energy or too much effort. So with this in mind I wanted to share with you the sort of things I’ve been up to of late. I thought you could run through the list and see if these are the sort of things you need help with. And if you do you have a few options on how to work with me (I’ll save those for the end!).

So here’s a list of some of the jobs I have tackled this last month.

An Inbox Tidy-Up

(A bit like sorting out your airing cupboard but for email!)

All your emails filed away, labelled and easily accessible. Unnecessary newsletters unsubscribed to, regular updates by-passing your inbox but ready to be read if needed, folders created and a system to follow.

Invoices for the Accountant

Diving into your emails to retrieve receipts and invoices that your accountant needs. All those monthly subscriptions, memberships, apps and digital tools ticked off and accounted for. The beauty of this is that I’m bound to flag up things you are paying for that you don’t need anymore. I’ve saved my clients £££s with this activity!

Canva Templates

If you are active on social media you’ll be regularly using branded images for your platforms, but you’re likely to need designed visuals for blogs, invoices, pdfs, lead magnets, social sharing and newsletters too! I take my clients brand colours, logo and preferred fonts and create a library of images and templates that they can use again and again.

Facebook Group Content

If you have a Facebook Group it can be hard to keep the momentum of engagement going. I build a stock of posts and images that are either repeatedly shared or designed to get the community talking to each other. Polls, questions, checklists, quick tips… anything to get your audience chatting with each other.

Google Drive Attack

A little bit like your inbox tidy-up - I dive in and sort out what’s going on in your Google Drive. I streamline all your folders, work to a plan on how to file everything and walk you through how to keep on top of everything. Most importantly, I ensure you can find everything really easily.

Systems and Processes - Your SOPs

Standard Operating Procedures - one of my favourites! A growing business often needs to outsource things, but it can be hard to delegate a task if only you know how to do it! So I help write out and define all your systems and processes. This way, when you take on someone to help you with your clients there is a path to follow and everyone is doing things the same way.


If you want to build an onboarding process or if you have a number of people to onboard at once then I can give you a hand. I’ll create onboarding flow - questionnaires, checklists, email templates and diary reminders. I can also help you decide on the best customer relationship management tool to use.

And there’s more

There are plenty more projects and tasks that I get involved in - like building up a list of potential leads, research into where your ideal audience is, creating a series of email automations, proofreading websites and digital courses, researching competitors, creating proposal templates, designing case studies, surveying clients for feedback and testimonials to name but a few … but I’ll stop for now. Let’s get on to how you can work with me….

The Options

There are various ways to work with me, take a look below and see what suits you best -

You can book a Productive Power Up session. This is where I ask you to complete a questionnaire, we have a Zoom call, we work through your challenges and I follow up with an email summarising our call and any relevant resources that can help you.

You can book a 10 hours block plan with me - We can focus on a project or work on some specific business organisational goals that you have. You can hand over a list of jobs that have been on your to-do list for longer than you care to remember and I’ll keep you up-to-date with how many hours I am using up. (There is a time limit of one month with this plan)

Done-For-You Packages. If building your email list is a priority then you might be looking for help with your lead magnet. I’ve joined forces with Nina Gordon and we offer done-for-you packages. We can help you 'Grow Your Audience' by setting up your lead magnet, landing page and email service provider. We can get you ready with a downloadable lead magnet, an automated welcome email sequence and a newsletter campaign set up.

Systemise Your Content Marketing. If you’re a new business owner or a freelancer you might want to focus on your content marketing. If you aren’t in the position yet to take on some extra support but need help and guidance with your social media, blogs or email newsletters then take a look at the online course I have created with Nina. This is a great way to get organised and on top of your content marketing. We even have a fab Facebook group for support.

As always, if you have any questions just drop me a line at - I’d love to hear from you.


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