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Online Business Manager Case Study - Diane Hogg

What it’s like to work with an Online Business Manager.

A bit of background....

Diane Hogg is founder of the digital marketing agency Eyes On Media. Eyes on Media

specialises in Meta ads, Google ads, and Klaviyo email marketing. Providing e-commerce

businesses with targeted digital marketing strategies to effectively showcase their

products and services to their ideal audience. The services Eyes On Media provide aim to

help clients cut through the digital noise to increase sales and enhance brand visibility.

What support did Diane need help with ....

Diane’s Google drive was very tangled up! There was a massive crossover between

personal and work folders. Diane’s business was growing quickly but she didn’t have any

processes written down. There wasn’t a set way to follow up leads, onboard clients or

manage them.

Diane needed guidance on how to set up her Google Workspace so it was fully optimised

for her business. Beyond this, her wishlist included setting up a system so she could be

consistently present on social media.

Diane also needed a process for organising her branding materials so her assets could be

easily shared. I also wanted to create some social media templates on Canva providing

Diane with a quicker way to post on her social media channels.

Diane wanted an automated appointment booking system set up and SOPs (Standard

Operating Procedures) written for a number of different processes in her business.

Proposals, reports and feedback questionnaires were also on Diane’s wishlist. Plus the

introduction of a project management tool (ClickUp).

What strategy/solution did Sarah put in place....

Diane invested in a few 10 hour block plans.

On the strategy kick-off call Diane explained to Sarah what her working week

looked like and the type of clients she wanted to attract. Diane went into detail

about the customer journey from the first enquiry to being a fully onboarded


Sarah took a lot of notes! And from listening to Diane, she was able to suggest

systems that would speed things up, semi-automate processes and keep

everything watertight!

What Sarah did ....

Sarah started with the big challenge of unravelling Diane’s Google Drive, but she

also wanted to get some quick wins ticked off too! Sarah shared with Diane lots of

Google Workspace hacks and tips, plus they discussed time management and

how effective time-blocking is. Introducing Diane to using a digital calendar

(Google calendar) really helped to manage her time more efficiently.

Next job was to liaise with Diane as Sarah built SOPs which Diane could refer to as

often as needed. Listening to how Diane worked and what steps were involved

when speaking to prospective customers, Sarah was able to put into place

workflows which meant that Diane could easily keep track of her leads and have

a slick system to move them from enquiries to clients.

Sarah developed an onboarding process which Diane could easily follow and

hand-over to team members as her business grew.

Next on the task list was setting up Calendly and linking it to Diane’s calendar

and Zoom so that clients could book in calls without having to liaise with Diane -

a huge time saver!

Using Canva Sarah spent some time designing branded reports, feedback forms

and questionnaires.

Lastly Sarah introduced Diane to ClickUp - a project management tool which is a

fantastic piece of software for managing your business HQ, looking after your

clients and working on goals and projects to build up your business.

The results....

Diane LOVED the results! She could see the impact whilst Sarah was working on each

task. Diane feels far more on top of the admin side of her business now and is really

happy that there are a number of SOPs in place which means onboarding is a flawless

process. Her Google Drive is much, much tidier - and Personal and Business are kept

completely separate.

Diane has a series of templates designs in Canva she can use for her social media,

proposals and reports. Plus there is now a branded questionnaire that Diane can use

for feedback.

As a timesaving tip, Diane now has a number of email templates that sit within her

Gmail. These are perfect for when reports and invoices are sent, or she needs to chase

appointment bookings or proposals.

ClickUp is a bit of a beast - but Diane has a solid foundation in place which she can

build on.

Diane said ....

If you would like to find out more about the online business manager services Sarah offers take a

look at her “Work With Me” page here.

If you would like to chat to Diane about how she can help you with your digital marketing, take a look at Eyes On Media website here and book in a discovery call.

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