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Joining Forces

Where did August go? In fact where did the last six months go?


So September is upon us - and we are in the second week already! All sorts of feelings and emotions being felt by myself, friends, family and colleagues. At Forde Family things aren’t changing too much at the moment. My husband and I continue to work from home. My eldest son is starting his year studying abroad from the desk in his bedroom - it’s sad, but I hope it's only temporary. Later this month Forde Boy #2 will be heading back to uni instead of starting a year in industry in Bristol. He’s disappointed - but in the whole scheme of things it’s a small inconvenience. And then Forde Boy #3 has started back at 6th Form college on a staggered timetable. We’ve seen less of our eldest - our Favourite Daughter (she’s our only daughter, so it’s safe to call her our favourite!), but thankfully there have been plenty of Zoom calls to fill the gap.

Forde Family on a day out a Kew Gardens!


So what plans do I have for my business in the last quarter of the year? Well I am joining forces with a friend and colleague Nina Gordon. Nina and I have worked together for 4 years. We both own businesses now, supporting entrepreneurial women as they grow and successfully expand. We offer that extra pair of hands, sounding board and sanity check as they scale.

Our goal has always been to lighten the load, lift up and support as businesses take the bigger steps to grow. Having worked for start-ups and small businesses for more years than we care to mention we have both seen what it’s like when a business scales quickly and you can’t keep up!

Suddenly you have more work than you can cope with. You have more responsibilities, more jobs to do, more decisions to make, more stress, more overwhelm. Well that’s where Nina and I ask you to STOP. BREATHE. TAKE A STEP BACK.


We’ve decided to share our business support knowledge, experience, and know-how. When clients come to us they are often already stressed and overwhelmed. They are already losing sleep, finding the business task-list too much, unsure how to prioritise or what’s the best/easiest/cost-effective way to do something. We want to catch all those business owners BEFORE the stress-levels rise, before the frustration kicks in and before they start resenting their wonderful business venture. If this sounds familiar to you then we have fantastic news!

We’re going to share our expertise and insights of running a smooth business that scales seamlessly. Systems To Grow is aimed at new business owners and entrepreneurs who want to build a framework which grows as their business thrives.

Systems To Grow - For new business owners and entrepreneurs


We listened to our clients, surveyed our potential customers, interviewed and researched. As a new business owner we know one of your biggest challenges is to create consistent content for digital marketing. It’s one of those jobs that never gets off your to-do list. Whether it’s because you don’t know where to start, you can’t get all the working parts connected, you struggle with ideas, you don’t have enough time or you just don’t enjoy it - well we have a plan!

We have built the Systemise Your Content Marketing course. A four module self-paced digital course, supported with our Facebook Group. An all encompassing digital product that will walk you through how to effectively show up for your clients and potential customers. We show you how to nail your:

  • Email Marketing

  • Blog Writing

  • Social Media posting

  • Lead Magnets

Walk-through videos, step-by-step instructions, examples, resources, templates, checklists, and planners. We’ve got you covered.

I’ll be sharing more about our launch plans and how you can join in and be part of our Systems to Grow community. We would love to see you there. Watch this space!


In the meantime, follow us on Instagram here

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