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Case Study - Tracey Rissik

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

What it’s like to work with me

A bit of background....

The mission of The Simple Web Company is to help small businesses and sole traders who want an

online presence but have little or no idea where to start! They “hold clients’ hands” from start to

finish to ensure they get a website they love.

This is achieved by providing easy to operate websites along with user instructions for clients, so

they can get into the driving seat and keep their on-line ‘shop window’ up to date.

Tracey invested in Sarah’s 10 hour block plan.

What support did Tracey need help with ....

Tracey needed help systematising some of her business processes. Tracey wanted an automated

appointment booking service set up so that enquiries and clients could book in a call with her

when it was convenient, without spending time going backwards and forwards matching diaries.

Tracey also wanted to explore how to build a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to

keep track of her leads, current clients and past projects.

Ideally Tracey wanted robust Standard Operating Procedures set up for client onboarding. This

would ensure that all clients were onboarded smoothly and in the same way. It also means

nothing is forgotten.

Another item on Tracey’s wishlist was a client feedback form. It’s really important to get client

feedback and making this request part of your off-boarding process means that you never forget

to ask! Regular feedback allows you to improve your services, plus you can gain some amazing

testimonials from them too.

What strategy/solution did Sarah put in place....

Sarah started with a detailed kick-off call where she went through Tracey’s

business organisation wishlist. Sarah learnt more about Tracey’s customers, her

workstyle, and what were the most pressing items that needed attention.

What Sarah did ....

Listening to Tracey’s challenges, Sarah got busy with the following:

Setting up an automated diary appointment service with Calendly (the free plan). Syncing Tracey’s

calendar, branding it and linking it to Zoom. Now Tracey can share her Calendly link and someone

can book in a call, complete a pre-call questionnaire and be sent the Zoom invite and a reminder

without Tracey getting involved. You can add your Calendly link to your website too. If you invest in

the paid plan you can create multiple events and take payment automatically before someone

books in with you - perfect for power hours and stand-alone services.

Sarah set Tracey up on ClickUp - a fantastic project management tool for your business. This is

where all your current clients can sit. You can also keep tabs on past projects. You can also easily

keep track of Leads - so nothing slips through the net. On top of that ClickUp can also be used as

your business HQ - so you keep all the important info and links about your business in one place.

You can also keep a to-do list and share tasks and data with other people on your team or who you

outsource to.

Next on the list were SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). They are like your bespoke instruction

manual for your business. Having listened to Tracey’s onboarding process on the kick-off call, Sarah

created a working document and checklist which detailed the step-by-step process of following up

on Leads and onboarding clients. This ensures clients experience the same customer journey each

time and that nothing critical is left out. It also means that if you grow your team and someone else

onboards your clients, they will do it exactly how you want it done!

Finally Sarah created a branded Google Form which Tracey can send out each time a project is

completed. Google Forms are easy to use and the reporting of data is presented well. Plus Sarah

created a number of email templates that sit directly in Tracey’s Gmail account - for things like

feedback requests and website build enquiries. They means that personalised emails can be sent

out in seconds rather than taking up chunks of time.

As a bonus, Sarah also created an end of project checklist for Tracey. This means Tracey can easily

ensure everything within the project plan is complete before off-boarding clients. Sarah created

this in a Google doc which will be copied for each new client and held in their Google folder.

The results....

As a result of booking in a 10 hour block plan with Sarah, Tracey could instantly

see the following impact:

1) A LOT of time saved when booking in meetings

2) Having repeatable processes that are now documented - SOPs means that

these jobs are done quicker and are water-tight.

3) Having the email templates and master checklists to help with many areas

means things feel far more organised.

Tracey said ....

About The Simple Web Company ....

The Simple Web Company helps small businesses and sole traders who want an on-line

presence but have little or no idea where to start! Tracey prides herself in providing good looking

websites in a relatively short space of time, within a budget that works for your stage in business.

Tracey makes it easy to get online, will hold your hand from start to finish, and ensure you get a

website you love.

If you would like to find out more about my 10 Hour Block Plan, drop me an email at and we can have a chat.

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