Nurture Pack

3 x 60 minute session


180 minutes with Sarah (That's a lot of coffee!)

Your business is beginning to expand, more leads are coming your way and your digital marketing is working! BUT taking your business to the next level is a BIG STEP... . You're keen to move forward and want to have a system in place as you build up your client base and expand your team.  


This is all new to you though! You've never built a business up before. The new responsibilities and decision-making is overwhelming. You're not sure what to start on first.


You need to start an email list, create a lead magnet, launch a competition or want to show up consistently on your social media channels. 


Book my Nurture Pack, where we have three ultra-focused 60 minute sessions. We discuss things like your lead capture, customer journey, social media strategy, building your email list, onboarding or outsourcing processes. I'll work with you to understand how you like to work, what your time restrictions are and your budget. I'll talk you through the different digital tools and software that can streamline your business, save you time and make things easy.

Let me help you put in place an actionable plan, a timeline and the resources to grow your business smoothly. 

Having someone to work through this with you will remove the stress, give you confidence and get you motivated!

What's included?

  • A pre-call questionnaire to help us both prepare

  • 3 x 60 min Zoom calls to be taken over a 30 day period. We focus on resolving 1-4 things that you need help on. 

  • A post-call email after each session where I will summarise what we covered, list your actions and share any links or free resources we mentioned. 

  • A recording of each Zoom call, this is so useful for watching/listening back to and making notes.

  • A check-in email with you 2 weeks after our final session to answer any further questions you might have.

A Nurture Pack is perfect for:
  • ​Setting up a project management tool so it’s fully functional

  • Creating a process for onboarding clients

  • Creating a system for working with contractors and outsourcing

  • Setting up your social media platforms

  • Creating a plan to increase your visibility

  • Working through a process of lead generation

  • Building your SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and work through your customer journey. A bit like creating an instruction manual for your business.

  • Creating a lead magnet and set up an email service provider

  • Building a 5 Day Challenge 

  • Creating a Competition

  • Building a content creation plan for your digital marketing



"I now have the ability to scale my services and focus on my clients and my own goals. Systems are in place and I feel much more in control of my business."